Transformative Journey with Eighteen

Eiffel Common and EM, a leading private contractor firm, has set its sights on reshaping the skyline of Islamabad and beyond. With a commitment to becoming an integrated construction company, they are on a mission to redefine the construction landscape. This blog explores their remarkable journey and their significant contributions to the development of the Eighteen community.

Eiffel’s Work and Efforts on Eighteen:

Eiffel Common and EM embarked on a transformative journey with Eighteen, a vast residential community that stands as a testament to their expertise. The initial phase involved executing extensive Earthworks, including Slicing and Filling, covering the entire 4,389 Kanals of the community’s property. This marked the beginning of a partnership that would reshape Eighteen’s future.

Eiffel’s meticulous planning and execution extended to a wide range of infrastructure projects at Eighteen. They played a pivotal role in creating a well-designed and interconnected community that offers a seamless living experience. Their contributions included MEP Services, Roadworks, Kalwats, Bridges, Retaining Walls, Water supplies, water and irrigation tanks, Luxury Villas, and Gatehouses. Each project was undertaken with unwavering commitment to excellence, resulting in successful and timely delivery.

Future Preparation:

As Eiffel Common and EM continues to make significant strides in the development of the Eighteen community, the future looks promising. Their dedication to innovation and excellence positions them as key players in shaping Islamabad’s urban landscape. They are poised to bring further advancements to the project, ensuring that Eighteen remains a hallmark of luxury and modern living.

Future of the Project:

The future of the Eighteen community is bright, thanks to the partnership with Eiffel Common and EM. The combination of visionary planning and expert execution ensures that Eighteen will continue to evolve into a premier luxury destination in the twin cities. With Eiffel’s ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch services and infrastructure, residents of Eighteen can look forward to a prosperous and well-connected community for years to come.


Eiffel Common and EM’s journey with the Eighteen community is a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation in construction. Their contributions have already transformed the landscape of Islamabad, and their future initiatives promise even greater success. As they continue to shape the future of Eighteen and beyond, Eiffel remains a driving force in redefining the construction industry and the communities they serve.


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