Reshaping the skylines

Eiffel Civil & EM, a prominent private contractor firm, is on a mission to redefine Islamabad’s skyline and beyond. Their vision as an integrated construction company is leading them to remarkable endeavours, one of which is the KBD Tower. This blog delves into Eiffel’s significant contributions in bringing this architectural gem to life.

Eiffel’s Work and Efforts on KBD Tower:

Rising above the rest, the KBD Tower at Eighteen is poised to become the tallest building, boasting ground floors and ten stories that culminate in a pent office at the top. This impressive height is a testament to the ambitious vision of both WATG London and Eiffel Civil & EM, who have been entrusted with turning this architectural marvel into reality.

Eiffel’s role in bringing the KBD Tower to life goes far beyond its remarkable height and thoughtful interior spaces. They have been instrumental since the early stages of construction, starting with the completion of the grey structure. Their responsibilities encompassed comprehensive architectural work, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) installations, infrastructure services, and electrical solutions.

Eiffel Civil & EM’s expertise and dedication have made them the driving force behind the tower’s construction. Their meticulous planning and execution have ensured the successful delivery of this grand commercial structure.

Future Planning:

Eiffel Civil & EM’s commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that their role in the KBD Tower project will continue to evolve. Their forward-thinking approach will contribute to the continued success and growth of this architectural masterpiece.

Future of the Project:

The future of the KBD Tower at Eighteen is incredibly promising, thanks to Eiffel Civil & EM’s contributions. As the tower stands tall and proud, it signifies the heights of achievement that can be reached when visionary planning and expert execution come together. With Eiffel’s continued involvement and dedication to delivering top-notch services, the KBD Tower will remain an iconic structure in Islamabad’s skyline.


Eiffel Civil & EM’s work on the KBD Tower is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and their pivotal role in shaping Islamabad’s urban landscape. Their contributions to this project and many others exemplify their dedication to redefining the construction industry and the communities they serve. As they continue to make their mark in Islamabad and beyond, Eiffel Civil & EM remains a driving force behind transformative construction projects.


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